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2007-01-17 11:27:29 GMT


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 Release Date...: 01/17/2007
 Air Date.......: 01/15/2007
 Supplier.......: Elfin
 Ripper.........: NBS 
 Genre..........: Sci-Fi
 Running Time...: 43min 
 Format.........: XviD                                      
 Bitrate........: Yes
 Audio..........: MP3
 Size...........: 350MB	


tx man for this recode
Is it a recode of the sync-fixed version????
Why this is called HR? HR = High Resolution

Since when 640x352 or lower is high resolution for video rips? Almost all rips are with that resolution. Then what makes this HR? HD or HDTV is ok because it is the source. Means better overall quality but not higher resolution.
As I can see/hear, sound is a little bit out of sync - but it's OK...
..and this is s03e17 def....
ups.. it is - Sunday... but this episode is - s03e17... after watching you'll see why ... :)))).
It is a recode of the sync fixed version.

The header is a sudo copy of the NBS header. I wanted to give credit where credit is due. I can see not putting the HR in the header, but I want it to be as close to the original as possible.
I'm not going to argue the 314 vs 317 as after this episode will be 318. I didn't want to change the numbering from the original.

There is a real reason why this could not be played earlier in the 314 slot. Watch it and you will understand.
if you want to fix the sync-problem then you can use the fix for the 700mb file too if you replace the file names in the

thats it.
This was originally Se3e14 but do to some issues it was not aired and then after you watch the show you will know why it was leepfroged. Anyway you can get all the info at

Beware of spoliers

so... is this 14 or 17?
This can't be episode 14. Events in it do not make episodic sense. Watch it and you'll understand. Don't want to spoil it for anyone. Good episode though.
Not sure what happened with the sysnc. AGK must have somehow reverted the time sync. The source for this is the 700mb with the sync fix applied. Sorry folks. I had to fix the sync in last weeks episode too.

Should I fix it a re-up it?
it is not 14,it is not 17.....IT IS 18
In episode twelve (12) I believe it is Rodney who makes a referance to the stargate bridge being not finished. In episodes 10 and 11 the stargate bridge is terminated. So where dose that leave this episode? I believe that they just wanted a double episode to finish the first part of the season, and they had to transfer one episode ahead.
Please randyored3, fix the sync and re-up.

Thanks for your time.

for all your high quality media

check it out

Some people are just too stupid.. WHICH BLOODY EPISODE HERE IS "tao of rodney"????

What sense does it make to put the episode where Beckett dies BEFORE episodes he's still alive in? Original numbering left aside...

What is the difficulty in puting the EPISODE NAME in the info????